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Meet "DevByMax"

Get to Know Max

Michael "Max" Doucette
Web Developer

We work with Max on large website projects and marketing campaigns. He has been custom coding websites since the age of 14 and runs his own freelancing operation called DevByMax. We've worked together in a variety of industries, more recently to develop the complex backend of Earhogz.

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Web Development

Complex automations and functionality. For some reason, Max actually loves when things break, because he gets to fix them.


Search Engine Optimization

Researches your industry to optimize content relevance so its pages can become easily findable, and more popular as a result. 


Email Marketing

Understands how to communicate information effectively to produce profitable results.

An Innovative Problem Solver With An Impressive Track Record.

Active Resume

User Experience at Earhogz



Professional marketing, design, & business development experience in the following industries:

  • Audio

  • Real-Estate

  • Engineering

  • Construction

  • Automotive

  • Fashion

The Run Down.

Max is 22 years old from Massachusetts. He started coding at 14 years old and has since been developing websites professionally for 8 years. He has worked in various industries and loves the process of problem solving. After realizing their skills pair well together, Nick and Max have been collaborating since 2020.


Studied at High Point University on a Presidential Scholarship with a focus in Entrepreneurial Studies and a minor in Sales. He is currently completing a Masters in Communication & Business Leadership at HPU. Max was a Dean’s List recipient semester after semester.

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